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Containing Liquid Medical Waste

In any situation that involves medical waste, the potential for spillage can be a costly and potentially hazardous situation.  Some medical wastes can be acidic or contain chemicals that can be harmful if they come into contact with other people.  Even medical waste that isn’t inherently dangerous can contaminate materials that must be kept sterile. …
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Packaging Clinical Samples

When shipping clinical samples, there are many considerations that must be addressed before packaging.  There are issues of safety and security that can affect the way your package is treated and the condition that it will be received.  By following a few simple guidelines, however, you can ensure that your clinical samples arrive on time…
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Risky Business: Managing Shipping Risks

For the company that wishes to transport sensitive equipment or materials across a large distance, there are many factors that must be considered at once.  Some of those factors are controllable and others can only be managed to a certain extent.  As you consider how to transport your cargo, keep these issues in mind. Large…
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How Effective Shipping Can Improve the World

Charity is one of the cornerstones of any moral code.  People can differ about which causes deserve the most attention, but everyone can agree that helping others is a wonderful thing.  The shipping industry doesn’t usually spring to mind when considering altruistic measures, but it does have a big part to play.  Companies like ShipCritical…
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Keeping Organs “Alive” in Transport

For decades, the only way to transport organs has been the same.  Donor organs are removed and placed in a cooler that is not unlike the one that you might fill with water and soda on a picnic.  Ice is packed around the organ, and it’s all transported to the recipient as quickly as possible.…
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