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Geographical Disparities in Transplants

Doctors face tough, ethical questions every day.  In a triage situation, which patient should be treated first?  How can I tell a patient’s family that a loved one’s condition is terminal?  One of the most controversial concerns that doctors face, however, is the difficulty in receiving vital organs that are necessary for a patient’s survival. …
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Temperature-Sensitive Drug Shipping on the Rise

Shipping medication used to be a relatively simple and straightforward procedure.  Pills, solutions, and other traditional kinds of medication have often not required any wildly unusual shipping methods to get from Point A to Point B; however, that is all beginning to change.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing a growing need for shipping methods that can…
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Myths about Critical Shipping Services

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the critical shipping industry, and some of that is the result of ignorance and some from confusion with other kinds of shipping services.  Understanding the truth about the services that ShipCritical provides allows you and your company to make an informed, rational decision about how to transport your…
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Tips for Improving Medical Shipping

Maybe you’re not a big company with large supplies that need to be transported across the country.  Perhaps you’re just one person looking to transport a medical product somewhere.  Maybe you’re returning an item that your doctor gave you or sending a medical device to relative in another state.  While ShipCritical specializes in transportation on…
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Looking for a Medical Shipping Company? Use This Checklist

Specialized medical shipping is a must in the healthcare field. There are so many concerns that just aren’t part of the equation in other industries. As you shop around for the right company to meet your needs, you may want to consider the following: Does it matter if the shipping company uses route drivers that…
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