Containing Liquid Medical Waste

Containing Liquid Medical Waste

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In any situation that involves medical waste, the potential for spillage can be a costly and potentially hazardous situation.  Some medical wastes can be acidic or contain chemicals that can be harmful if they come into contact with other people.  Even medical waste that isn’t inherently dangerous can contaminate materials that must be kept sterile.  For those reasons, the importance of containing medical wastes is given top priority in the medical shipping industry.

Immediate Cleanup Required

A company called Multisorb Technologies plans to debut new methods for containing medical spills in Indianapolis this August.  First, their SaniSorb M medical liquid solidifier can quickly contain infectious medical waste.  The goal is to quickly congeal the liquid to prevent spreading.  They work in premeasured and dissolvable pouches that congeal the waste into suction canisters.  Other products must be torn open and poured into the offending liquid, but this product just needs to be dropped in to do its job.  While this doesn’t prevent the waste from being spilled, it helps to clean things up quickly when an inevitable accident occurs.

Prevention During Transport

The other product being highlighted by Multisorb is the DriMop liquid absorber, which will come in laminated sheets and self-bursting pouches.  These can be used during the shipping, handling, and storing of medical waste products.  The product functions like the SaniSorb M except that within a shipping container, it can congeal the medical waste spill immediately without direct human intervention.  Should a vial break in transport, it may be hours before a person physically opens the container to look at it.  In that time, an incredible amount of damage can be done.  This packaging process would greatly reduce any potential contamination during the transport process.

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