Risky Business: Managing Shipping Risks

Risky Business: Managing Shipping Risks

For the company that wishes to transport sensitive equipment or materials across a large distance, there are many factors that must be considered at once.  Some of those factors are controllable and others can only be managed to a certain extent.  As you consider how to transport your cargo, keep these issues in mind.

  • Large devices such as X-ray machines, MRI devices, or large scale scanners can often be bulky and unwieldy during the shipping process. There is risk that these items may jostle and shift, and that can lead to damage.  ShipCritical can ensure that these items are properly packaged and crated to ensure their safety.
  • Sometimes, companies will order equipment on a trial basis to see if it can be utilized effectively, and if it needs to be returned, this can create substantial new costs. Reusable crates may be more expensive at first, but they often save money in the long run by eliminating the need to construct a new crate for those return trips.
  • Shipping overseas adds a whole new dimension to the risk factors involved. Anytime you are transporting across water, especially on a boat, any problems that water can cause must be considered.  Humidity and condensation can lead to corrosion and malfunctioning equipment.  ShipCritical understands these problems and uses packaging with vapor barriers to ensure the equipment’s protection.
  • Following time constraints is critical for sensitive equipment, and occasionally there are unavoidable shipping delays due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances. As a result, being extremely adaptable and staying in constant communication with the client is absolutely necessary.

There are many risks involved in shipping sensitive equipment, but ShipCritical has the experience and professionalism necessary to ensure that your risks are minimized so that the equipment that you wish to transport can reach its destination safely.

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