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Your Donation Can Save A Life

Society can be characterized as charitable; everywhere you look there are people trying to help people. It may be by volunteering at a homeless shelter, by going on a mission trip overseas, or even by dropping money in a charity jar at a local restaurant. But did you know that the most important donation you…
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3 Ways To Utilize Quick Shipping Services

When it comes to shipping in the medical field, there is nothing more important than time. It can be the difference between life and death as well as whether something is usable or unusable. Whether its tissue shipping, trade show shipping, or other sensitive products, ShipCritical understands the urgency of expedited shipping service, and that…
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3 reasons you might want to ship on short notice

Just as there should be no embarrassment in having to ship on short notice, there should also be no hassle in it. From sensitive material, strict scheduled deliveries, or just last-minute opportunities, shipping on short notice is no issue and should be an opportunity for your business rather than a headache.

Can anybody use expedited shipping?

A company desperate for that crucial shipment is just like someone waiting for an organ transplant; the faster we can get it the better. While these two situations have drastically different outcomes, the option to expedite should be available to both. Medical transport is a top priority and is very deserving of super expedited shipping,…
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Coordinating a Long Distance Delivery

Unreliable transportation methods have been nothing short of the norm for decades. Fortunately, ShipCritical has learned from the mistakes of other shipping companies and evolved into an effective, well-timed machine, wholly able to coordinate long distance deliveries with fast service and live updates as to shipment’s whereabouts and progress. ShipCritical has taken the most unreliable…
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