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Three Reasons You Need Ship Critical for Medical Trade Shows

Hosting a medical trade show requires a serious amount of work. You need a well-organized and dedicated team to work together to put on a fine show. But you can’t put on a great medical trade show to the public without the necessary materials. This is why you need Ship Critical to deliver your biomedical,…
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Temperature Matters

When in the process of debating what method to choose when thinking about finding a medical shipping company, the most common concern is time. While it is extremely important that medical shipments arrive exactly on time, it is just as important that the shipment reaches its location in the exact temperature that it left, which…
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ShipCritical – For Your Complex Shipping Needs

In a complex global environment there are many activities that may go unnoticed by the average citizen. Certainly one of these is the shipping of some of the most sensitive items known to mankind. This includes everything from organ donations to sophisticated equipment, and trade show event materials to medical items. Every day, there are…
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Tracking Your Medical Shipments

Whether you have stem cells, tissue, blood, clinical samples, or other important materials to ship, it is understandable to feel uneasy. You, your loved one, your patient, or somebody else is dependent on the product and words cannot explain how vital it is that they get to their location on time, in the condition and…
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Cadaver Shipping: Peace of Mind

Many people will tell you that experiencing the death of a loved one, be it a family member or a friend, is the worst time of their lives. Old and young, sick or healthy, having to deal with the passing of someone that is close to you has traumatic effects that can affect your personal,…
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