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Three Reasons You Might Need an Anatomical Shipping Service

Container Cargo freight ship

Moving anatomical shipments of almost any kind takes added care and attention. They’re most vulnerable while they’re in transit, but you shouldn’t have to add money to your budget because you need to move them quickly and safely. Instead, you should have a cost-effective solution at your […]

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The Importance of Time Critical Shipping When Shipping Tissue Specimens

High time!

Human tissue is a very important asset for research companies, diagnostic companies, biotech companies and universities who are involved in medical and other research where fresh and viable well preserved tissue specimens are needed.  Since these tissue specimens must be fresh and they can rapidly decay it […]

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The Importance of Organ Donation

Image copyright Catherine Lane 2015

When you see trees in April twinkling with green lights, do you ever wonder why? April is National Donate Life Month (NDLM), along with the lights they introduce activities to help Americans register as organ, eye, and tissue donors.At any time 124,000 men, women, and children are […]

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Improving Profitability At Your Healthcare Facility


The pressure of increasing cost and trying to increase profits in the healthcare industry is a day-to-day challenge.  The supply chains of these organizations are regularly reevaluated, looking for hidden costs.  Items are replaced that are less costly, only to find they were not as good as […]

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Don’t Buy An Expensive Jet; Let Us Fly For You

Airplane Wing in Flight from window, sunset sky

We have all heard of “the rule of thumb.” The problem? Those thumbs come in all sizes.  In the world of private jet ownership, this rule is not easy to calculate.  While many organizations from a variety of economic sectors today are considering private jet ownership to […]

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