3 Ways To Utilize Quick Shipping Services

3 Ways To Utilize Quick Shipping Services

When it comes to shipping in the medical field, there is nothing more important than time. It can be the difference between life and death as well as whether something is usable or unusable. Whether its tissue shipping, trade show shipping, or other sensitive products, ShipCritical understands the urgency of expedited shipping service, and that is exactly what they provide. Below are just a few of the many scenarios in which you can utilize their lightning-fast delivery plans.

  1. Last Minute Emergency

If there is a last minute emergency, such as an unexpected donor coming forward at the very latest, ShipCritical is equipped to make the delivery on time. They are able to pick up at virtually any location including hospitals, universities, and research facilities. All medical shipments are made using charter jets reserved specifically for you, so the only mission is to get your shipment to its final destination. It doesn’t matter if you call with a request you need done in minutes, we will be there.

  1. Rural Deliveries

Thanks to our use of private airplanes to make all deliveries, we have the unique ability to go to virtually any town or city, regardless of how small or rural it may be. If you need an urgent delivery to the “middle of nowhere”, we will be there.

  1. Private Events

When attending or planning private gatherings, it is especially important to have all the equipment in perfect order with plenty of time. ShipCritical goes above and beyond by also providing temporary storage between events (in case there will be multiple, such as trade shows) and being able to deliver at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight or bright day, we can handle any time, any location, and any size, even if it required multiple truck loads.

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