Temperature Controlled Shipping – a ShipCritical Expertise

There are many instances in which temperature control is an essential part of the shipping process for sensitive materials. To that end ShipCritical has the expertise to meet these needs with access to a variety of surface and air temperature controlled solutions. This begins with ground vehicles equipped with temperature controlled units in various sizes…
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Need to Ship a Mobile Lab? Contact Ship Critical!

Welcome to the 21st century. Only a few decades ago scientific and medical laboratories were stationary facilities that people went to for employment or services. Today mobile labs are the new paradigm and dozens of them are shipped on a daily basis around the globe to exotic locations for use by local professionals. The face…
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Ship Critical – Trade Show Shipping!

Most people never give a thought to the ‘behind the scenes’ process of preparing for a major trade show event. Perhaps they believe that auto shows and toy fairs appear by magic! But those of us in the shipping industry know better! We are well aware of the complex logistics and careful oversight required to…
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Returning a Loved One to their Family – the Business of Ship Critical

One of the most heart wrenching activities that Ship Critical ever engages in is the return of a loved one’s remains to their family. It is a time of sorrow, but the responsibility is essential. We are honored and humbled to be included in the process of transporting a loved one to their final resting…
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How does GPS-based tracking work?

Devices using Global Positioning System technology (GPS) have become quite common. This system is used in our cars, on our phones and computers. But did you know that Ship Critical uses GPS devices to track the shipping status of your packages? How does this tracking process work? GPS tracking devices transmit their data to a…
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