Need to Ship a Mobile Lab? Contact Ship Critical!

Need to Ship a Mobile Lab? Contact Ship Critical!

Welcome to the 21st century. Only a few decades ago scientific and medical laboratories were stationary facilities that people went to for employment or services. Today mobile labs are the new paradigm and dozens of them are shipped on a daily basis around the globe to exotic locations for use by local professionals. The face of medicine and science has changed forever, and the new model is one of convenience and flexibility.

This has now opened the door to an entirely new industry that had not been conceived prior to the development of mobile labs – shipping these sophisticated facilities in a way that ensures their viability from pick-up to destination point. That has caused the development of entirely new shipping processes – an expertise that is the purview of Ship Critical.

In other words, when it became possible to ship entire mobile laboratories from one place to another, Ship Critical stepped in and developed the knowledge and know how to serve this customer base.

One of the most exciting additions to the idea of shipping mobile labs is to convert the containers to actual self-contained laboratories – an idea that has been promoted and advanced by such impressive organizations as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This makes the shipping process simpler as the unit itself is designed to maximize space for the workers, while maintaining the sensitivity of equipment and materials within.

But this is just one model for mobile lab shipping that Ship Critical works with every day. There are many instances that require the special handling, packing, containing and transport of highly sensitive equipment – and this is an area of expertise we are proud to claim at Ship Critical.

If you are exploring the option of shipping a mobile lab across town, across the country or across the ocean please feel free to contact us. We are proud to be able to offer support.

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