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Transporting a Human Organ for Transplant

Organ Donation Shipping

Few shipments are more critical than the transport and delivery of human organs. It is precious cargo, and we respect this. And while air is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move human organ shipments, we at Ship Critical is prepared assist you however and wherever you need your cargo to go. All organ…
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Cold logistic box

Understanding the Regulations Surrounding Biomaterials

Ship Critical is apprised of all the federal regulations concerning the shipment of biological materials to tissue banks. We are well-versed in all federal requirements and possess all the requisite licenses, permits, and certifications necessary for your shipment approval, labeling, and carriage to its final destination. We will assist with and review your labeling and…
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Organs in a human body

What’s Going to Change in Organ Shipping?

Transporting organs via cold storage may soon be a procedure of the past. More and more studies being conducted demonstrate longer viability of organs transported via warm storage versus cold storage. As quoted the MIT Technology Review, transplant surgeon Korkut Uygun says, “Cold is the old thing, and warm is the new thing. Warm is…
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Intravenous drip or Perfusion recipient administrated in a hospital room

Relocating a Medical Plant or Office

It’s daunting enough to think about making a personal move– packing up more objects than you ever thought you’d had into organized boxes, perhaps hiring movers to assist with heavy furniture, cleaning, etc. Having to move an entire plant or office multiplies that daunting feeling by a thousand. Our top medical shipping company is here…
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Blood Donors Making Donation In Hospital

A Brief History of Blood Transfusions and Donation

Once something is discovered in the scientific world, we often forget there was a time when that knowledge wasn’t part of the way we make sense of things. In the same century that Galileo discovered the earth revolves around the sun (rather than everything orbiting the earth), a British man named William Harvey realized how…
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