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Ticking Clock

Putting a Price on Time

They say that time heals all wounds.  In many cases, that can be true.  The paper cut you got last week is probably almost gone by now.  The broken heart you suffered when you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend will one day be mended.  The human body and spirit have…
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New Software Helps Match Organ Donors to Recipients

At first glance, the concept of organ replacement seems like a simple one.  You take the healthy organ out of one body and replace the inoperative or damaged one in another body; however, it’s not nearly so easy. Frequently, the average individual can’t fathom the various difficulties that are inherent to the transplant of an…
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Bikers Raising Money to Ship Medical Supplies

Why do you ride your bicycle?  It’s a nice day outside.  You want to get some much needed exercise.  Maybe you have to get across town, and you’re trying to be environmentally and economically conscious.  Cyclists from Rotary District 6600 in Northwest Ohio, however, have an entirely different reason.  These Rotarians and their sponsors have…
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Limitations of Organ Transportation

There’s a tendency to believe that medical science can do anything.  Every day there seems to be news of a new surgery or piece of medical equipment that is achieving what was once considered impossible.  However, there are still some challenges that have not been overcome, and the area of medical shipping is no exception. …
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Looking for a Medical Shipping Company? Use This Checklist

Specialized medical shipping is a must in the healthcare field. There are so many concerns that just aren’t part of the equation in other industries. As you shop around for the right company to meet your needs, you may want to consider the following: Does it matter if the shipping company uses route drivers that…
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