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Different Ways of Tracking Medical Equipment

As the world becomes more globalized, some things can get missed under the guise of efficiency. In the medical world, it’s important for the patient that doctors and specialists communicate with one another so that all the parts of the equation can come together to form a whole picture. The same is true for medical…
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Benefits of Human Tissue Donation

It can be odd to step outside how we think about a healthy functioning body to consider what happens in the process of donation. To think of viable materials in one person’s body being transformed into something that might help another’s can seem exciting or sad, depending on your relation to the subject. Human tissue…
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Disabled man juming in Patagonia Argentina.

Prosthetic and Robotic Limbs

As the medical world continues to make technological advancements, so does warfare. Employing different technologies in warfare means there’s going to be different kinds of wounds that need tending to. Between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1,500 American soldiers have lost an arm or a leg, and hundreds have had to have multiple limbs…
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DNA molecule

DNA Language

The medical field involves many interconnected facets that depend on one another and work together. As new diseases are discovered, new ways of looking at things under microscopes are necessary to find treatments. Research works back and forth to both find what’s causing ailment and what might heal it. As new machines are invented to…
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Blood sample

The Basic Necessity of Blood

In some old Eastern cultures, doctors and religious leaders could read what was happening in a patient’s body based upon his or her pulse. By taking a pulse, being in tune, and knowing how to read the body through sound, the listener could pinpoint things happening in the body with precision. Such strategy was practiced…
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