Cadaver Shipping: Peace of Mind

Cadaver Shipping: Peace of Mind

Many people will tell you that experiencing the death of a loved one, be it a family member or a friend, is the worst time of their lives. Old and young, sick or healthy, having to deal with the passing of someone that is close to you has traumatic effects that can affect your personal, social, and professional lives in unimaginable ways. It so often happens that at the time of their deaths, they are not in the same area where they or their family wishes to be buried. That means that a cadaver must be shipped, adding more stress to a situation that is already heartbreaking and stressful enough.

By using ShipCritical, you can get the peace of mind that everything will be done the right way, and quickly. From having the cadaver at a temperature where it will remain intact for an open-casket burial to ensuring that it arrives at its final location exactly on time, ShipCritical is experienced in the field and will ensure that the process is as smooth as silk. All cadavers are shipped on a charter plane that is specifically booked for you – there will be no other distractions or layovers that may cause a delay. In addition, they will always be in the eye of a company representative who is responsible for picking up, transporting, and dropping off the shipment at its final destination.

By understanding just how critical it is that your medical shipment is done correctly and on-time, ShipCritical is the perfect company to entrust with shipping the remains of your loved one so they can have the final resting spot they have always desired. It doesn’t matter if it’s the next state over or across the entire country, you can rest assured that it will get to its location on time with no hassles.


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