Three Reasons You Might Need an Anatomical Shipping Service

Three Reasons You Might Need an Anatomical Shipping Service

Moving anatomical shipments of almost any kind takes added care and attention. They’re most vulnerable while they’re in transit, but you shouldn’t have to add money to your budget because you need to move them quickly and safely. Instead, you should have a cost-effective solution at your fingertips. ShipCritical is that solution. Each anatomical shipment you make gets specialized handling to keep the materials viable. Take a look at a few of the types of anatomical shipping we handle every day.

Cadaver Shipping

The shipping of a cadaver can be simply to bring the body home for burial or it might be shipped for medical or educational use.  No matter what the reason ShipCritical knows that the body needs to be handled with great care, sensitivity and respect.  This means the best shipping containers, at the proper temperature, on time and with the proper documentation, and ShipCritical offers maximum quality assurances.

Organ Donation Shipping

The transportation of human organs for donation is an extremely important shipment that must be handled with care since its safe delivery can often mean the saving of a life.  We understand the monumental challenges involved with this task, and we work to provide cold chain flexibility to ensure that the organ is handled properly. Add to that to our real-time tracking and other advantages, and you have a medical shipping company you can turn to at any point in time.

Blood, Tissue, Stem Cell and Other Biological Shipping

Another important shipment is the shipping of blood, tissue, stem cells and other biological materials.  These materials need to be handled with care and ShipCritical realizes that timing is of the essence when shipping such materials.  We closely monitors your shipment to make certain that our specialty logistics are in place with every delivery we make to give you the peace of mind you need.