The Importance of Time Critical Shipping When Shipping Tissue Specimens

The Importance of Time Critical Shipping When Shipping Tissue Specimens

Human tissue is a very important asset for research companies, diagnostic companies, biotech companies and universities who are involved in medical and other research where fresh and viable well preserved tissue specimens are needed.  Since these tissue specimens must be fresh and they can rapidly decay it is important to find a company who specialize in the critical transport of such shipping where temperature control and time is critical.

Experience Counts

When it comes to shipping such tissue specimens, your shipping needs require a level of knowledge surrounding medical shipping. Experience counts, and ShipCritical it and the expertise necessary in shipping critical shipping such as tissue, stem cells, blood or other important materials.

How to Protect Human Tissue When Shipping

Protecting tissue specimens during transportation is extremely important.  There are several ways to protect your tissue specimen when shipping, and the method that is used depends on the kind of tissue and what it will be used for.  One method is to ship the tissue under frozen conditions, such as using dry ice and placing it in an insulated sterile shipping container.  Another method is to ship the tissue by the use of flash freezing in liquid nitrogen within 30 minutes of resection.  It is then shipped in an insulated sterile shipping container and stored at -238 degrees F. and shipped on dry ice, for next day arrival.  If you don’t want your tissue specimen frozen and you want it shipped fresh, you can place the tissue in a 39 degree F. hypothermal solution within 30 minutes of removed.  This should last about 3 days.  No matter what method that is used to protect your tissue specimen, it is important to use a company like ShipCritical that has been serving the public since 1989 for your sensitive time critical shipping needs.

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