Why Do Cadavers Remain So Important to Medical Research

Why Do Cadavers Remain So Important to Medical Research

Cadaver shipping is an important part of the Ship Critical line of services, but many wonder why the practice of using cadavers remains so relevant. In a world packed with 3D printing technology and digital everything, are cadavers still applicable? Absolutely. Here are just a few of the reasons they are a critical part of many kinds of research today.

• Medical School: Students in medical schools across the country still frequently use cadavers over today’s digital technology to learn basic anatomy, surgical techniques and more. It even helps aspiring doctors learn how to cope with the emotional impact of their future jobs. Despite the growing debate over whether they remain necessary in medical schools, research continues to suggest they’re a must for soon-to-be doctors, even going as far as suggesting they’re a far better choice than any digital technology could ever hope to be.

• The Body Farm: The study of cadavers in various forms is important for medical research by helping doctors, researchers, students, and even law enforcement personnel to medically assess bodies in varying stages of decay. It allows these individuals to better their analysis skills when it comes to determining things like cause of death. The largest of these areas is dubbed “The Body Farm,” and it’s located over 2.5 acres in Knoxville. It now plays host to 650 cadavers in decay, with that number growing all of the time. Other such locations are scattered throughout the country.

• Vehicle Safety: Cadavers also help to simulate what happens in a car crash with real human bodies. As gruesome as it may seem, it is important when creating safety measures for people driving and riding in vehicles. Through the simulation of a car crash, with the actual human body, it allows medical based revisions to be made in efforts to create more safety in cars.

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