Is Reducing Freight Costs Really Possible in Medial Shipping?

Is Reducing Freight Costs Really Possible in Medial Shipping?

There are some cost equations that add up to more than a big bill. They add up to a huge headache for practices and organizations alike across the United States. Unfortunately, the cost of medical freight often fits into that category, but is this a spot where you can actually trim the fat and bring those costs down? Absolutely. Take a look.

• Start with Transparency: Your first goal has to be taking a look at what you’re actually paying. Talk to your freight company to learn how pricing actually works and why you pay what you currently do. A bit of understanding about the industry can go a long way toward controlling your costs in the long run.

• Create the Right Strategy: It may be possible to combine shipments or at least reduce the distance they’re shipping simply by looking closer at your routes, freight, and stops along the way. A strategic look at what’s working and what’s not with your current situation may be the ideal way to keep those costs a little lower.

• Analytics Matter: You probably already do this with your own organization, but it’s the same when you’re trying to manage costs with your freight – set up those key benchmarks and indicators so you understand where to look for ongoing improvement. Without a goal in mind, you’re never going to know where you want to be.

Remember, you’re going to have to enlist the help of your medical shipping company at some point in this process. Make them your partner, though, and help them understand where you need to be. Together, the two of you may be able to tone those costs down, keeping everyone happy.

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