When the Public Assists in Organ Transport

When the Public Assists in Organ Transport


A person or company that is transporting medical supplies, especially vital organs needed for surgery, can run into a lot of unavoidable delays during the shipping process.  Weather conditions may keep a plane or helicopter from taking off or landing.  Excess traffic or accidents on the road may keep ground transport from arriving at the hospital on time.  Mechanical failures on the actual transportation vehicles may even prove to be a problem.  Fortunately, the public at large generally understands how important the shipments are, and many good samaritans have been willing to help when the situation warranted it.

Police Efforts to Clear a Path

One of the most important public institutions for assisting in transport during an emergency situation is the local or state police.  In cities around the world, when troublesome traffic conditions or severe accidents have made the roads impassable, police officers have stepped in to provide emergency assistance in escorting the vital organs or supplies to the given hospital.  Firefighters and ambulance workers have also demonstrated considerable generosity in their willingness to help during these crises as well.

The Good of the General Public

Even everyday people have shown a willingness to help save lives in a critical situation.  Airline workers and flight attendants have often stepped in with problems during a flight.  Doctors and nurses are often willing to go above and beyond their required duties in order to make sure that the organs are received on time.  Sometimes, good samaritans on the street are willing to lend a hand when the chips are down.

These situations are, of course, rare.  The goal of a medical shipment company like ShipCritical is to ensure that these extreme situations don’t occur.  While it is comforting to know just how many people care about the work we do, the more stable and reliable the transportation process is, the more successful these procedures will be.

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