Three Reasons You Need Temperature Controlled Shipping

Three Reasons You Need Temperature Controlled Shipping

Maintaining the right temperature throughout the shipping process when it comes to the world of healthcare is nothing short of an absolute must. Fluctuations of just a few degrees can affect quality quickly. When you need temperature controlled shipping to meet your facility’s needs, we’ll be here to help.

For Shipping Organs

The shipment of organs requires two things to be successful. The first, of course, is the speed of the delivery. Time is of the essence when delivering organs that are needed to save lives.  The second thing they need is to be shipped in temperature controlled containers since the temperature that they are kept at is of the utmost importance and ShipCritical has the necessary experience in handling such shipments. We handle both of those aspects and more. Our team offers you unmatched logistics, ensuring you get the shipment in time. Add that to our carefully controlled temperature monitoring system, and you have a winning equation.

For Shipping Biomedical Perishable Items

The shipment of biomedical perishable items such as blood, stem cells or tissue samples also means maintaining the integrity of that shipment from pick-up to drop-off. ShipCritical has the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to help you in the shipping of such items and can provide the necessary packing supplies to help you keep your biomedical perishable items safe during transport.

For Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Drugs

Every shipment we work with is treated individually. We never place restrictions on shipment size and weight, and we maintain optimal temperatures through the transit process, ensuring that no matter what you need to ship, we’ll be here to help. When it comes to finished drugs, we provide the fastest transit times with convenient options, arranging for after-hours delivery as it becomes necessary.

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