Three Reasons To Consider ShipCritical For All Your Medical Shipping Needs

Three Reasons To Consider ShipCritical For All Your Medical Shipping Needs

When we think of the fast-paced global economy of today, prompt, reliable shipping is top priority.  The healthcare industry is an ever changing segment of this service. The exception is these deliveries are urgent, and time sensitive.

Since 1989, ShipCritical has provided the highest level of service across the globe to Labs, Tissue Banks, Healthcare Facilities, and Educational Institutions.This team of logistical experts are like an extension of your operating unit, handling the efforts of communication, and logistics.

When life is on the line, so is your trust.

ShipCritical understands urgency, and we use all of our resources to make sure you, your loved one, patient, or someone else is assured how vital it is that everything goes according to plan.  This begins with:

  1. A company courier that never lets your shipment out of their hands
  2. Eyes will always be on your shipment during jet transportation
  3. Destination courier to deliver shipment
  4. GPS based package tracking system can be applied for real time

ShipCritical has demonstrated a continued commitment to excellence. In 2015 we were accepted by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).  This badge of honor gives the credentials needed to attractfuture customers, and proves our efforts are working

AATB is the standard for tissue banks, and healthcare facilities across the country, they inspect these facilities and issue accreditations.

Joe Pavone, President of ShipCritical, built the organization around the best practices, and ideals of the AATB, and their member tissue bank professionals.  This level of recognition is only given to the best in the industry.  ShipCritical is the first to achieve this goal.

Experience, urgency, and trust, are significant reasons to consider ShipCritical the next time you have critical medical shipping needs.

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