Shipping Temperature Sensitive and Perishable Items

Shipping Temperature Sensitive and Perishable Items

Temperature sensitive and perishable items present critical shipping problems, so it’s important to use the right shipping company from the start.  Finding a company that has experience and expertise in handling such items is nothing short of a must.  Luckily, ShipCritical is just such a company and will gladly handle your shipping of temperature sensitive and perishable items in a safe and professional manner.

What Are Temperature Sensitive Items?

Temperature sensitive items are numerous, but they often involve temperature-sensitive drugs, organs and biomedical materials such as blood, stem cells or tissue samples, which need specialized handling when being shipped.  All of those items are temperature sensitive since they need to be kept at a specific temperature to make certain that they do not degrade and are viable upon delivery.  With this in mind, it is imperative to have a company like ShipCritical that knows how to handle temperature sensitive items properly.  With benefits like real-time tracking so you can keep track of your shipment throughout its delivery and fast transit times, we’re the single best option in medical shipping today.

What is a Perishable Item?

Many items can be considered perishable. While food comes to mind for many people, any item that requires specialized knowledge because it won’t be viable if not handled properly is perishable. In the world of healthcare, items like organs, biomedical materials, and even certain drugs are all considered perishable.

Pack Your Temperature Sensitive and Perishable Items Properly

Temperature sensitive and perishable items may be subjected to difficult conditions, such as excessive heat, cold or even humidity, on the way to their destination. Because of this, packaging your shipment correctly is imperative to keep them viable until they are safely delivered to their destination.  ShipCritical can help you with your packing needs to ensure every item is well packed.

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