Putting a Price on Time

Putting a Price on Time

Ticking Clock

They say that time heals all wounds.  In many cases, that can be true.  The paper cut you got last week is probably almost gone by now.  The broken heart you suffered when you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend will one day be mended.  The human body and spirit have a remarkable ability to persevere even the face of even the most horrendous obstacles.  However, there are instances where time just isn’t enough.  In fact, time can occasionally be the enemy.  Cancer patients can’t wait out their illness.  The man waiting for a kidney transplant is watching seconds tick away knowing that time is not on his side.  This is why ShipCritical constantly strives to battle its clients’ most persistent adversary: time.

The Ticking Clock

In the organ transport business, every second counts.  Not only are patients’ lives at stake, but the viability of the organs are as well.  After an organ is removed from a donor body, it needs to be placed in the recipient’s body as soon as possible.  Kidneys can typically last about 30 hours after removal.  A liver or pancreas has about 12 hours before damage is incurred.  Hearts and lungs are the most vulnerable with a transportation window of approximately six hours.  In any case, faster is better.

Equipment Needed ASAP

In the medical field, organs aren’t the only things needed quickly.  Certain vital medical equipment might need to be transported efficiently and in a short span of time.  Some equipment is expensive, sensitive, and rare, so transporting it quickly and safely can be a precarious proposition, but ShipCritical has the experience necessary to meet those challenges head on.  In the battle against time, ShipCritical proves to be a formidable opponent.

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