Temperature-Sensitive Drug Shipping on the Rise

Temperature-Sensitive Drug Shipping on the Rise

Shipping medication used to be a relatively simple and straightforward procedure.  Pills, solutions, and other traditional kinds of medication have often not required any wildly unusual shipping methods to get from Point A to Point B; however, that is all beginning to change.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing a growing need for shipping methods that can be tightly controlled, especially where temperature is involved.

Much of this shift can be traced to the pharmaceutical industry’s trend of moving away from what are called “small molecule” drugs that are chemical based.  These are the kinds of medications, such as over-the-counter pills and solutions.  Modern pharmaceutical companies are creating more structurally-complex drugs such as cancer drugs and hormones that are based on biological components.  As a result of the biological makeup, these more sensitive substances require strict, temperature-controlled environments at all times.  Therefore, temperature-controlled shipping is an absolute necessity for their safe transportation across the country and around the world.

Projected spending on these kinds of specialty drugs is predicted to rise from $87 billion in 2012 to an estimated $401 billion by 2020.  This is a massive increase in demand for temperature-sensitive shipping, and companies like ShipCritical must be ready to meet those demands.  These cold storage areas ensure the safety and effectiveness of the biological samples, and the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration must also be met as well.

UPS has recently announced an initiative to begin transporting medical supplies in temperature-sensitive environments; however, ShipCritical has been transporting these kinds of materials, including drug samples, organs, medical equipment, and biological samples, in very strictly controlled containers for years.  The professionalism and dedication of our staff is unparalleled in the industry.  Why not use the company with the experience that can be trusted?

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