What Might Self-Driving Cars Mean for Medical Shipping?

What Might Self-Driving Cars Mean for Medical Shipping?

Driverless Car (autonomous vehicle) Image Illustration, vector

Right now, Google Inc. is working on self-driving cars and looking to integrate them into the public, the concept and actualization may have a profound effect on the shipping industry. Indeed, the shipping industry might be one of the training grounds for self-driving trucks. Testing an automated vehicle in a place with relatively few people, such as warehouses or other storage areas, allows people to see how well the vehicle is functioning without people being harm’s way.

Perhaps self-driving cars seem a bit like The Jetsons, and most people will probably be wary of the new technology partially for valid concerns and partially just because it’s new. In terms of shipping, we already use robotic equipment and machinery, anywhere from high-tech GPS tracking to pallet movers. We’re working on robotics that have vision-guidance (lasers, cameras) so that they can move around obstacles. When such technology is programmed correctly, it minimizes error and allows people to focus on important tasks like packaging sensitive equipment and working on efficient logistics.

The medical field, too, continues to expand its use of robotic technology to aid patients anywhere from imaging to surgery. Not only does our shipping company keep up with the latest innovations to ensure that the shipping process is as smooth as possible, we work all the time to safely package medical equipment, including machinery and machine parts.

Technology should work with the medical field in a healthy integration between efficiency and human care. Imagine shipments being held by a self-driving truck! Such a delivery could be even more timely and cost-efficient. If we take out the human component of driving, those people can re-focus their energy on other aspects of the shipping process and improving medical care. It will be interesting to see if and how much automated driving impacts or even revolutionizes the medical shipping business.

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