What if You Can’t Get a Commercial Flight When you Need One?

What if You Can’t Get a Commercial Flight When you Need One?

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Medical professionals and business people in the medical industry have never been known to keep regular office hours. Meetings, trade shows, emergencies, volunteer efforts- these are but a handful of reasons a professional in the medical field would need to travel on short notice. This is where Ship Critical is available to step in, any time, day or night.

Not only do we specialize in safely and securely shipping cargo, we are also experienced in sending you wherever you need to go: 24/7, 7 days a week. Professionals in the medical field oftentimes have specific travel needs unique to their line of work, especially in emergency situations. This is where Ship Critical shines. We can arrange for travel chartered flight services for one person or a whole group, often with as little as two hours’ notice.

Remote destination locations and last-minute requests are not our only areas of expertise. Our charter flights will save you valuable time and afford the highest level of comfort and privacy your journey requires. We also believe saving you time on your travels will ultimately lead to a far less stressful travel experience, with no long luggage lines or overcrowded security checkpoints. Simply provide the required documentation, board our aircraft, and enjoy your trip with Ship Critical.

From medical aid workers flying supplies to sensitive locations to busy CEOs who do not have the desire to carry the burden of private aircraft ownership, Ship Critical is there for you and your team when and where you need us. Our dedicated staff can plan and execute your travel route within hours, giving you the valuable time you need to prepare for your journey ahead. And whether you seek to rest on your trip or collaborate with colleagues, Ship Critical is ready and able to facilitate any in-flight requests you may have. We invite you to let Ship Critical’s charter flight service be a part of all your future travel plans.

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