The Variety of Things We Ship

The Variety of Things We Ship

Think of all the things that go into the medical world on a continual basis. There’s research, tests, doctors visits, hospital care, medications, vaccines, the discovery of new ailments, etc. Now think of the kinds of equipment– large and small– that each of those arenas carry. ShipCritical can transport those items, or even parts of those items, to any facility that utilize them.

Equipment. We sometimes ship large imaging equipment, such as an MRI or CT machine, and other times all you might require is a piece of that machine for repair. We also ship small but imperative equipment like pacemakers or artificial heart valves. Whether an external device used to help diagnose a patient or conduct medical research in a lab or the kind of equipment a surgeon’s going to place inside the body of a patient, we know how to ship the material with respective safety and always have an eye toward timeliness. The medical world evolves quickly, as does the well being of each individual patient– time matters.

Anatomical. Along with equipment, we also ship that which is still vital to medicine– blood, tissue, and organs from donors. These biological materials may be used in a transplant, or for research toward a particular vaccine or strain-resistant medication. Shipping anatomical material requires a certain sensitivity to keep that material viable and able to serve its intended purpose.

What facets of the medical world can transport by ground, sea, or air has become almost limitless, as part of technological advancement is not just a vaccine to cure a horrible disease, but it is also the way to move that vaccine around and give people wider access to it. We ship what’s needed in the medical word, inside and out, at all its various stages and locales.

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