More Questions about Medical Shipping

More Questions about Medical Shipping


Shipping medical equipment and biological material can be a complex process to understand.  There are many misconceptions about it stemming from a lack of knowledge about the major complexities that must be accounted for when transporting sensitive materials.  To that end, we’d like to clear up a few of these concerns that people may have about medical shipping.

Is every medical shipment a life or death situation?

While ShipCritical does do a lot of transportation in instances where a life hangs in the balance, this is not always the case.  Some materials are simply being shipped to research institutions, but the samples needed require very specific environmental conditions during transport.  In other instances, we provide transportation for trade show materials and other kinds of business meetings where reliable acquisition of needed biomaterial is of primary importance.

How can I be assured that ShipCritical is a reliable company?

ShipCritical not only has years of successful experience in transporting vital materials and countless companies who rely on our dedicated service, but we are also a charter affiliate member of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).  ShipCritical is the only tissue shipment company that is part of the organization, which is a testiment to the professionalism and quality of our transportation staff.

What can be done to assist in my needs at a trade show?

ShipCritical offers a number of services to companies who need materials for a trade show.  Our professional staff will not only ensure that your shipment arrives on time, but they will also be on hand to provide any support or assistance that you may need in ensuring the safety, security, and consistency of the materials being shipped.

What’s the purpose of a charter aircraft service?

Charter aircraft services are used in situations where speed or security are absolutely essential.  In some cases, it’s also used when the materials that must be transported may pose a risk to a flight with other passengers on it.

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