ShipCritical – For Your Complex Shipping Needs

ShipCritical – For Your Complex Shipping Needs

In a complex global environment there are many activities that may go unnoticed by the average citizen. Certainly one of these is the shipping of some of the most sensitive items known to mankind. This includes everything from organ donations to sophisticated equipment, and trade show event materials to medical items.

Every day, there are thousands of instances that require expertise in the logistics and shipping of materials that are urgently needed somewhere. This type of competency does not come naturally. Instead, it takes years of experience to understand and have the ability to navigate the ‘waters’ of critical shipping. That is the business of ShipCritical. We are a company that has experience in all aspects of trade show shipping, cadaver shipping, anatomical shipping, temperature controlled shipping and much more.

We are especially proud to play a role in the area of anatomical shipping. It is meant to further the efforts of medical research and ultimately benefit public health and welfare. To that end we offer everything from door-to-door or express transport, and we are available to pick up your package from the breadth of tissue banks, laboratories, universities and medical facilities as needed.

We offer onboard courier service as well. This means that we assign an individual to stay with the package throughout the transport process – from pick-up to delivery. Our couriers are knowledgeable in the geographic locations they serve which helps to ensure a positive, quality experience with ShipCritical.

If you have an item that is going to require specialty services in shipping and logistics we invite you to contact our company. We have been serving the public since 1989. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our history – we are confident you will recognize ShipCritical is the best choice for all your sensitive shipping needs.

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