Common Questions about Medical Shipping

Common Questions about Medical Shipping

Medical shipping

Shipping medical supplies across the country and across the world may seem like a fairly straightforward proposition, but it is more complicated than people think.  Because of this complexity, there are questions may be raised, and by clarifying any misconceptions, you can be assured that you’re making the right choice by using the services of ShipCritical.

Why is special transportation needed for some medical equipment?

Although new advances are being made every day to make medical equipment more durable and stable, there’s simply a lot that can go wrong with a piece of technology that’s being transported.  Turbulence along with general wear and tear can cause damage to sensitive components.

Why does organ transport require a special company?

In the transportation of organs, speed is absolutely critical.  Most organs cannot last outside of a human body for longer than a few hours at best.  Traditional shipping methods may be reliable for a standard package, but they are not equipped to handle that kind of rapid turnaround time.  ShipCritical has the experience necessary to ensure the quick delivery of these vital goods.

Isn’t organ transport as simple as shoving the organ in a cooler and dashing off?

In some instances, it may come to that.  Not every hospital has state of the art technology, and doctors must work within the available conditions.  ShipCritical has been transporting organs and medical supplies for years, so the company is comfortable in managing organ transportation in a variety of different scenarios.

Why Would a Courier Be Necessary?

ShipCritical also offers courier services, which allow an individual to personally handle cargo throughout the transport process.  This might be necessary for cargo that is extremely sensitive or when security is required.  Furthermore, carry-on packages often require much less the scrutiny, which takes time.  Couriers can often travel more quickly and flexibly than an unhandled container can.

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