A Matter of Security

A Matter of Security

When you think of a courier securely transporting materials on a plane, you may conjure a nefarious image of a man in a suit with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. This cinematic vision makes for good drama, but couriers are more common and necessary than people realize. Time can be very critical for business documents, organ transplants, and sensitive equipment used for repairs.

What is a Courier?

A large company may have its own planes or trucks to transport sensitive equipment; however, smaller companies may run into problems. Due to customs and shipping procedures, it may take days for equipment to be sent through traditional shipping. Luggage that is checked at the gate will go through much faster, but the luggage will only be accepted if there is a passenger associated with it. The courier is that passenger.

Why Hire a Company for This?

A great deal of trust is placed in a courier. ShipCritical ensures that trustworthy, professional personnel are in charge of your merchandise at all times, and it never leaves the courier’s sight.

How Does It Work?

The primary courier will arrive at your business to pick up the package. After that, the courier and the package are both booked on a flight to the chosen destination. At the destination, the primary courier will give the package to a local courier who is familiar with the region. This person will deliver the package to its final recipient.

Are There Restrictions?

Some items cannot be transported through a courier. Items that may prove dangerous to the passengers may not be brought on board the plane. Items such as harmful chemicals, industrial batteries, dry ice, live animals, or anything that could be interpreted as a weapon. ShipCritical will also refuse to transport any product that is illegal in either the point of origin or the destination.

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