Why Choose ShipCritical over General Shipping Companies?

Why Choose ShipCritical over General Shipping Companies?

Places like well-known and trusted Fedex and UPS also offer ways of shipping medical equipment, so what are the benefits of choosing a place that specializes in medical shipping?  While Fedex and UPS are fine companies worthy and credible of the trust placed in their shipping abilities and methods, with something as lofty and unique as medical supplies, it’s better to choose a place that specializes in the area of focus.  Here’s why.

  • Knowledge.  Since we ship a variety of medical materials, we are familiar with a range of possibilities and have versatile options ready to suit each situation.  We’re practiced at shipping various sized equipment, things that require particular packaging, and items that need temperature control as well as other environmental considerations.  We also know the most efficient ways to get the materials to their destination without delay.
  • Customer-involvement.  One of our priorities as a shipping business is communication, and in the medical shipping industry, communication is key.  We encourage communication between each aspect of the chain to ensure a seamless delivery.  You can also keep track of the whereabouts of your cargo with our GPS tracking.  It’s an easy to use online system that updates you about arrival and also shows you exact locale throughout the journey.
  • Focus.  Focusing on medical shipping means we not only have a depth of understanding about how best to ship each product, but we also know how those products can coexist or not with one another.  We know what to place together in a shipment to avoid damage.  We take special care to make sure the materials we put together make sense in terms of size, cost, and value.  A more general company might mix medical supplies with other kinds of materials in a shipment, which could potentially compromise the materials.

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