Tips for Improving Medical Shipping

Tips for Improving Medical Shipping

Maybe you’re not a big company with large supplies that need to be transported across the country.  Perhaps you’re just one person looking to transport a medical product somewhere.  Maybe you’re returning an item that your doctor gave you or sending a medical device to relative in another state.  While ShipCritical specializes in transportation on a corporate level, our company has learned a lot about medical shipping that help anyone.

Tip 1: Ensure that your item is safe to transport

Some medical supplies can be transported through conventional means safely.  Maybe grandma forgot her medication when she came to visit, or there’s a monitoring device that was sent to your house instead of your brother’s.  If you have any potential concern about the safety of sending your product through conventional shipping companies, contact their representative.  They will answer any of your questions about whether it can be sent safely and securely.

Tip 2: Prepare the Product

Once you have ensured that you are permitted to ship this product, you want to make sure that your product arrives safely.  Remove any batteries from devices and turn them off.  Securely fasten the lids or packaging for any pills or other substances.

Tip 3: Use Proper Cushioning

Many medical products may seem durable at first, but even small scratches or punctures may limit their effectiveness or damage them entirely.  Use packing peanuts, Styrofoam, or bubble wrap to properly cushion the item in the box.  You may even wish to double-box your shipment for added protection.

Tip 4: For Large or Sensitive Items, Contact a Professional

Medical supplies are often more difficult to transport than the average person realizes, and many people may have complex medical equipment in their home.  If these items need to be transported, contact a professional shipping company (if you own the equipment outright) or the company that sent you the equipment in the first place.  Any cost that you incur through a professional shipping company such as ShipCritical will pale in comparison to the cost of replacing expensive and sensitive medical equipment.

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