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Trade Show and Events

Trade show delivery
ShipCritical understands what it takes to be an effective trade show transportation company, so we save you precious time. From weight tickets to target dates, material handling to shipment tracking, we understand the issues that impact you and provide guidance and consulting on tradeshow intricacies with service and pricing options for your domestic and international shows.

  • Single cases via air to multiple truckloads
  • 24/7 dedicated tradeshow teams
  • Dedicated exhibit fleets and cartage agents that know show site logistics and protocol
  • Corporate on-site show representatives to ensure your tradeshow experience
  • Direct delivery to show hall or advanced receiving
  • Real-time status updates of your shipment
  • Last minute expedited shipments
  • Targeted date and time-specific deliveries

Private marketing events and tours

When you want to make that big splash with a unique presence at a special event or time, the pressure is greater, so is out performance.


Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

  • Single pallet or dedicated truck or trucks
  • Wrapped trailer to maximize visibility
  • Delivery at midnight in the city center
  • Off site storage during the event in any locale
  • Temporary storage between events
  • Expedited transit between stops
  • Time specific deliveries for medical training meetings and trade shows.
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