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Charter Aircraft Services


Why use charter aircraft service?

  • When there are no commercial flights to get to a destination quickly enough.
  • After hours situations when commercial air flights have ceased
  • To or from remote cities that result in multiple flight connections & transits that are just too long.

Who would need this?

  • Organs for Transplant. When every minute counts.
  • Critical repair staff & engineers for power plants & oil pipelines. Where the risk is too great.
  • Prevent manufacturing stoppage. Where the cost is great.
  • VIP’s where schedule is critical & their time is too valuable to waste. Multiple VIP’s traveling together can privately handle critical issues on the way.
  • When an individual or company needs this level of service but doesn’t want the expense or effort of owning a corporate jet or the investment in fractional ownership.

How does this work?

We provide a private plane to immediately fly as close as possible to any specific destination city at any time of the day or night.

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