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When Timing is Critical

Using sledge hammer to hit alarm clock

What sets our business apart is our in-depth expertise of handling your most sensitive shipping items from start to finish. We believe communication with you is the most essential component to our history of success. We will discuss with you your exact needs and expectations, and then […]

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Differences Between LTL and FTL Shipping

Blue truck on highway

At ShipCritical, we offer both the service of LTL, or, less than truckload, shipping, and FTL, full truckload shipping. Full truckload move full 48- or 53-foot containers, generally carrying one product for one customer. Less than truckload, on the other hand, can move from different customers in […]

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What Might Self-Driving Cars Mean for Medical Shipping?

Driverless Car (autonomous vehicle) Image Illustration, vector

Right now, Google Inc. is working on self-driving cars and looking to integrate them into the public, the concept and actualization may have a profound effect on the shipping industry. Indeed, the shipping industry might be one of the training grounds for self-driving trucks. Testing an automated […]

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The Need for Medical Shipments to Syrian Refugees

Country name Syria written on global map

Our minds aren’t built to take in overwhelmingly large numbers and see individual stories within that data, but journalists and others sometimes work to humanize individual stories so that we can connect to the issue on a level other than pure abstraction. Right now, there are over […]

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Pre-emptive Steps to Reducing Risk

Measuring risk

In the medical field, it’s important to be preemptive. Paying attention to your body, habits, and shifts along the way can help you stay attuned and involved before a potential problem becomes an actual problem. The same is true in the shipping business; we work to pay […]

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